Kicking off the Geras Solutions Summer Internship

We welcome Niya, Mouna, Porraphun, Julio, Tyra and Padmagiri to Geras Solutions Summer Internship! The first day has been focused on getting to know each other and to get all on board Geras’ vision to help patients and healthcare to better outcomes. The internships will run over the summer and will have real impact on strategic focus areas:
–       Tyra Lagerberg – Patient UX uplift
–       Porraphun Rieanjarernsuk – Patient UX uplift
–       Mouna Ghannam – Healthcare portal UX uplift
–       Julio Sosa – Health Economics
–       Padmagiri Giridhargopal – Health Economics
–       Niya Thomas – Regulatory Conformity / MDR preparations

We also thank H2 and KI Innovation for the support in helping us find these great talents.

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